Friday nights, workers and students heave a collective sigh of relief: the weekend is here! Synonymous with leisure, relaxation, and family fun, the weekend is filled with the sound of laughter, with the clinking of glasses during a meal with friends, with the music of a concert or movie... even with the snoring of those who enjoy sleeping in late! The weekend is a time for family reunions, a time to rest before resuming the dizzying pace of the week. Between sports activities, grocery shopping and cooking meals, people gather around a drink, a movie or in silence to just relax. For many, weekends are also days of worship. In such circumstances, the cheerful hubbub fades away into a reverent silence.

Soundtrack: Weekend

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Calm music with snoring sounds and the clatter of dishes.

Soundscape created by Pierre Brouillette Hamelin to evoke the acoustic atmosphere of the weekend.