The sounds of nature define the winter season, from the snowflakes’ muted descent to the howling storm. You can hear the dull crunch of footsteps in the snow, skate blades grating the surface of a frozen pond, snow flurries raised by skiers. The crackling fire is a delight on the coldest days. Since the season includes all the festivities surrounding Christmas and the New Year, it is filled with the cheerful airs of traditional music. Let’s not forget the winter carnival’s horns that start blaring soon after. And, when everyone is looking for ways to warm up, Valentine’s Day comes along with its love songs and slow dancing. 

Soundtrack: Winter

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Xylophone music with the sound of footsteps in the snow, children playing and skates on ice.

Soundscape created by Pierre Brouillette Hamelin to evoke the acoustic atmosphere of winter.