Music Therapy

A part of therapeutic arts, music therapy uses music, the sound of voices and the body in a medicinal purpose. It differs from other types of therapy by its playful and accessible nature, reasons for which it is preferred to other treatments. Communication and expression are cornerstones of music therapy. They can serve a psychotherapeutic purpose or play a role in a rehabilitation process. With its universal appeal and its capacity to evoke emotion, music is an accessible tool to battle a physical or psychological disorder, especially for seniors.

Music Therapy

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Interview with Sylvie Ouellet, Ph.D., MTA, Educational Psychologist, Music Therapist and full-time Professor at the Département des Sciences de l'éducation at the Université du Québec à Trois Rivières, about music therapy.

Interview with Sylvie Ouellet

Music therapy is often defined by the fact that music, and sounds in particular, help the wellness, the well-being of a person. It’s often divided in two areas, the first one being more related to an active aspect, like when a person plays music. Ideally, a person should of course be guided during music therapy.
There's also music therapy in a more responsive approach, with a "listening to music" aspect. It is just as active, except the person is not playing any instrument. We will work with the memory; we will work on a more cognitive aspect. And this music therapy approach is often used to create images, emotions and different aspects that are more about a person’s memories.
The power of music is immense. Music came before words; it always came before words since birth, and music will be the one that leaves at the end through the rhythm of elderly people until death.

Sylvie Ouellet, Ph.D., MTA
Educational Psychologist, Music Therapist
Full-time professor at the Département des Sciences de l'éducation at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

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